Short Stories




Sen Sok primary School is a government school. The location of Sen Sok primary school is in Sen Sok Village, Khmornh commune, Sen Sok district, Phnom Penh. Most of the people living there are coming from Bolding, Phnom Penh slum area.

They are are poor, most of the family work as labor, house maid, construction worker, motor taxi driver, small seller in the market, retail business at home and some families are factory workers.

In April, 2011 Pioneering Partner in Cambodia (PPC)-Bright Future Program (BFP) was cooperating with Sen Sok primary School and Sen Sok Church sponsoring 22 children and another 28 children had not got yet sponsors yet. PPC-BFP supports the students by providing snacks every day, giving monthly contribution to the teachers, and saving some funds for these 22 children for their future needs (medication/health care, school materials, recreation and for higher grades).

Here is one of the sponsored children in Sen Sok :

Dara C0054 (this is not real name) is 13 years old. He has five siblings. He came from poor family. His parents were dying. Nowadays he stays with a pastor in Sen Sok village. The pastor takes care him like his children. Every day he does the house work like cleaning house, washing dishes, preparing clean water. Before PPC-BFP supports him he has some problem with the school fee, because although he stays with pastor, but pastor said that he does not have enough money to support him. It is because he has his own children and some other children he get from other provinces. When PPC found his a sponsor, he was much better than before. He tried to study hard and he always got good marks every month. He is a clever student in the class. His teacher liked him and promoted him to leader in the class. He has some points that different from other students. He liked staying alone and read books, draw pictures, and write something in his paper among the break time. Other students like playing a lot, make fun, and noise in the class. He has concentrated when his teacher explained the lessons. It was a good way for doing home work and reviewed his lessons at home. It is the points that make him clever and different from other students in his class. The teacher and PPC have been encouraging him and his parents to study hard at home and always practice hygiene life as well. He was really happy that he had sponsor to support him for school fee every day and snacks.

C0054 – TEP Eav – 120706